Is your personal information safe?

Fraudscore provides real-time protection from the threats that can hurt you the most. Are you safe?


Protect your personal information from theft with our anti-malware extension.

Secure Files

Secure Files

Malware and shady advertisements can infect your system's files.

Speed up

Speed up your PC

Pop-ups, shady advertisements and bad websites can slow your computer down.

PC Cleanup

PC Cleanup

Our software, tools and experts will help to cleanup your PC.

Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

Fraudscore is here for you with best in class experts standing by.

Malware Scan

Malware Scan

Users of our Free anti-malware toolbar receive a free quarterly threat scan.

Fraudscore is Watching

We take down thousands of malicious scams daily all over the world!

How it works?

If your PC is running slow, has pop-ups or is filled with advertisements simply install our Free anti-malware toolbar and we'll protect your browsers from threats automatically.

Installation is easy and Free!

Protect my Browser Now!

Finally something that stops all of those terrible blue screen pop-ups that crash my browser!

Mike D

Thank you for the security scan. I had no idea how much adware was on my laptop.

Karen S.

We use the Fraudscore computer protection on every machine in our office. Its great.

Chris M

I recommend the free browser extension for anyone that hates terrible pop-ups.

David S.